3 Common Misconceptions About Meditation – Are You Guilty?

You think that meditation is not about thinking about anything.  If meditation was really about clearing the mind of every thought every time to be counted, if even someone would succeed – ever. Not thinking about anything is practically impossible. Although the goal of a regular meditation practice is clearly to calm the mind, it does not mean that you will not feel the benefits of meditation the first time you settle on your meditation pillow, close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths.

Meditation is for everyone, regardless of past experience. Simply try to focus on ONE thought instead of completely emptying your head of thoughts. Start there, and just observe what happens.

You think you have to meditate for eternity.  Meditation is about quality, not quantity. We live in a busy world with lots of duties and must. Feeling stressed about not meditating enough is simply a burden you do not need. Do you have the opportunity to pull away to an undisturbed place, if only for a few minutes?

Can you close your eyes and just take a few deep breaths? Can you sit comfortably in a relaxed position long enough to feel some tension leaving your muscles? That’s all it takes to be able to meditate in a good way. As long as you have that foundation, it’s perfectly okay that during certain periods of life, it simply won’t be that long while on your meditation pillow. If all you have TODAY is four minutes then that’s good.

You think that meditation must be about spirituality  Rather, it is a practical tool for managing stress and maintaining a balance in life. Meditation is not something that belongs to a particular religion or philosophy, but a tool that has been used for hundreds of years to maintain both mental and physical health.

One does not have to be spiritual or believe in a higher power to meditate, so do not miss giving meditation a chance even if you do not see yourself as a particularly spiritual person. The benefits of meditation are scientifically proven, and can be as practical as powerful tools to help you reach your goals.