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A super amazing plan to implement.

Have you ever heard of meditation? Do not panic, it is not complicated at all. I love it! Also today it is super easy to do it from home, there is no need to go somewhere and pay a lot of money. You can do it from home, and it only takes 10 minutes and best of all you don’t have to be an expert and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before, it’s just the desire and willingness to learn something new. Meditation is a super amazing plan to relax, concentrate for that anything that has you worried, or just to do something different and connect with yourself for a few minutes.

Today I am going to give you some super fun tips to encourage you to meditate and live a very cool experience that will surely make you feel super refreshed and cheerful.

Read through the posts on our website here and you will have a pretty good knowledge about meditation, but first thing you should do is read the tips below and find a place in the house where you feel calm and peaceful. If it is close to nature, much better.

● When you know where you want to meditate, bring a cushion or something comfortable to sit on it.

● If you want, you can play relaxing music, on Spotify and YouTube there are super fun meditation lists. Play it and let yourself be carried away by the sounds.

● When you are already accommodated in the space you chose and on the cushion, with the music playing, sit in a lotus flower pose: with your legs crossed and your hands open on your knees.

● Close your eyes and think of a beautiful place, outdoors. Begin to breathe deeply as slowly as you can and then release the air, also very slowly, through your mouth. Repeat this step 10 times. If you deconcentrate, start over, nothing happens.

● While breathing, think of some purpose, or something you want to achieve. Try to bring this thought to your heart. Yes, imagine it going through your whole body from the brain to the heart that is where our intentions are stored.

● When you finish the breathing exercises stay a few minutes in silence, thanking your body for listening and accompanying them in this meditation.

Many more posts to come in the future that will cover all the new and key meditation topics,  I hope you like and enjoy the training guides and that you put meditation into practice today!