How Meditation Can Help People Who Love Music

For centuries, music has been an important part of our lives. It is not surprising at all that our ancestors created echoes and instruments to mimic all the sounds of nature. The birds that chirped, the rivers that chirped and the thunder that thundered created the music of life and so they began to express their feelings through the music.

During the evolution of music, from old honest folk music to hard rock, it is seldom that a sound or song has gone unnoticed. Whether the rhythm is simple or complex, some melodies have the ability to awaken something within us.

The music can bring emotions like anger and sadness to the surface. It motivates us when we feel tough in the body. It cradles us to sleep when our thoughts go high and it also has the ability to bring people together in joy.

To use music as an aid in your meditation, you should first determine what it is you need. Do you want to give way to aggression that you have built up within you? Then you may want to choose music with deep, throbbing drum beats that will put away your frustration. Are you looking for a way to overcome a bleak period in your life? Melancholy tones in the minor can help make the tears fall. Does your creativity need a push in the back? Try listening to the sound of a classic violin.

Do it now

Choose your music carefully. Find a place where you feel safe enough to let emotions flow freely. You can choose to meditate yourself, or together with others who share the same purpose with their meditation.

Start by taking a few deep breaths and feel for what you really want to feel. If it is aggression that you want to get rid of, repeat the mantra “I let go of all my anger”, or what feeling it is all about. Say mantra three times before you begin. Trust that it works, because what you believe in will get you through.

Listen and incorporate every note, rhythm and vibration into the music of your choice. Have all sounds reflected within you. Join the emotions you are experiencing and allow them to flow freely during the song.

When you feel that you have done away with the emotions, you should remain quiet for a while. Allow body and mind to be empty and still. Enjoy the feeling of letting go.

Whether it’s singing folk songs around a campfire with your friends, sniffing a sad song or creating your own rhythms, music will change you, open your heart and free your soul.