How To Learn Christian Meditation

You have heard a lot about Eastern meditation and wonder if there is any Christian variation. Of course it does, and it is something that can be highly recommended.

Christian meditation does not place much emphasis on posture and never uses mantra. It is entirely based on the Bible. The main word is empathy. So it is about living in a Bible text, so that one becomes present where it happens – or so that the event becomes present in me. I see, hear, smell, taste, feel in my imagination everything as if it happened to me.

Take a piece of one of the gospels and give it a try! First, pray that you will be filled with the Spirit of God so that the word will come alive to you. Then try to listen more than speak in your prayer. The goal is that God speaks to you more than you to him. The external premise is silence and stillness (so that God can finally get a sail in the weather!).

An easy way to get into Christian meditation is to retreat. It is the English word for withdrawal, ie within oneself. A retreat usually lasts 2-4 days. You are quiet almost all the time, but you are together. And there is a leader who several times a day leads a meditation (or initiates, so that one can easily continue himself). Don’t think it’s too hard to be quiet. Most people think it is absolutely wonderful. The long, quiet time between meditations and prayer times can be filled with walking and reading on your own.