How You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Meditation!

In February last year, we launched Courses here at Yogobe, an online course tool where a 12 week meditation course with Ulrica Norberg was first published. Now the first course participants have completed their course with brilliant results. “The course has given me so much, I have got the tools I need to find the peace and quiet in myself” – here Åsa Dahlin shares her thoughts and feelings during the course. Read her fine words and be inspired to meditate on you too!

The search for tranquility & calm inboard

I was so expectant when I started the course, so eager to learn and glad that the opportunity existed. I thought the first week would be easy with two minutes of meditation, who can’t sit still for two minutes? But I soon discovered that two minutes can feel like half an hour when all the millions of thoughts go around. And the more I thought it would be quiet and that I “wouldn’t think” the more I thought and the more frustrated I became. How difficult could it be ?!

The most difficult thing for me was clearly not to respond to all thoughts and to sit still when the world around me constantly wanted to call my attention in the form of telephones ringing, a cat stroking around me and jamming. There is so much that can distract one and when you let it do so the concentration is broken. It happened to me many times, especially during the second month and I realized that it made me terribly annoyed and stressed.

It’s about what you choose to do with the thoughts

But after the second month something started to happen and I started to realize that it’s not about “not thinking” – because the thoughts will always be there (at least I think so), it’s about what you choose to do with what comes up. For me, it was about making the thoughts a bit like background noise – not reacting or acting on what emerges but just leaving it at that. When I realized this, I also realized that the time I spent in meditation went faster. 17 minutes felt like five. And when I was done I could think clearer and had easier focus on what was important!

The course has given me so much, I have been given the tools I need to find the peace and quiet in myself. For example, I use the breathing techniques daily when I feel stressed. My patience has gotten better and I feel much calmer. I have made the best investment I could make and I will continue to meditate every day, because my mind and focus just gets clearer and clearer! I hear the bird song through the noise of a lawnmower, because I can direct my focus there. I am constantly learning new things about myself and how I think. So thank you for giving us an opportunity to learn how to meditate with Ulrica – she is truly amazing.