Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Easy Relaxation?

Before you begin to relax, prepare yourself. For example, you can say to yourself that you will now relax and meditate. You can also light incense or candles, and you should also turn off the phone (unless you are waiting for a very important call). It’s just as good that you don’t listen to any music this time.

Lie down and make sure you are comfortable. Arms and legs outstretched should fit, just like your entire body. Remove all pillows that lie where they should not, eg under the back so that they interfere.

Begin by concentrating on your breathing. Breathe in and out, and in and out. Dare to let go now and be aware if you are tense for example in the shoulders, arms, neck or legs. Relax. You have every place to stretch your legs and arms. No animal chases you and you can relax in the neck and jaw and throughout the body.

If you are very tense, you can take body part for body part. Start at the toes and work your way up. Take a small part and feel how that part of the body relaxes. Don’t forget fingers and arms, spine, and even internal organs such as the liver, stomach, kidneys, heart and so on. Just feel how they relax.

The whole face and head should also relax and it is okay to focus attention on the jaw that relaxes, the face that relaxes, the eyes relax, the eyebrows, forehead, skull, hair, etc.

Now you can enjoy it for a while, but even the brain has to relax. Being relaxed in the brain basically means getting rid of the thoughts.

Now you can imagine that you are in a dark room where there is nothing but a trash can where you throw away all the thoughts that they come up with: money, kids, bills, work, mom, dad, sister, friend, bike, car, gasoline, keys, ie all the little things that simply pop up in the tank. When you’re done, give the trash a push. If other thoughts emerge, simply reject them in the empty nothing. When you’re done and not thinking about anything anymore, you can just relax properly and even fall asleep.

In this step you can also use another scenario : For example, imagine that you are in a magical place, a beautiful place in nature. The birds sing, the sky is cloudless, the temperature pleasant, the grass green. In front of you you see a beautiful waterfall in which you throw your thoughts. When you have gotten rid of all the thoughts, just enjoy the view.