Reviews of People Who Have Tried Meditating for 1 Month

Meditation has become increasingly common and is recommended by spiritual teachers, doctors and psychologists. The best thing about meditation and other similar methods of relaxation is to get rid of stress. Stress leads to many diseases in today’s world and is our greatest enemy.

Meditation is important today, because we stress a lot every day. We also have a lot to think about. We do several things at once. We do not have time left to ourselves. We forget to live in the present.

It is easy to learn to meditate. Once you have learned how to reach a meditative state, you can then immediately attain the state when you need it and when you have a moment over: when you take a bus, wait, walk, before falling asleep.

According to Osho, meditation is a state of consciousness that can be maintained at any moment. It is this state of consciousness that awakens the individual from mechanical or automatic responses to stimuli, which have been reinforced through generally accepted conceptions and expectations.

There is perhaps something in what he says. The body is used to react in a certain way in a certain situation. Even if the reaction is not suitable or harms us socially or psychologically, we still do, because we never get a chance to learn about.

People who meditate a lot also claim that they get rid of pain, they get more creative and intelligent. They also get better at problem solving and the ability to see the opportunities when they appear. The feeling of who you are as a person is reinforced and you become more secure in yourself. You are also less influenced by ideas about what others think and think about one, and therefore self-esteem increases.

By all this, it means that you both like yourself and others a little more, aggressive and passive-aggressive tendencies decrease. Youth and children who meditate perform better in school and do not feel really drawn to alcohol or drugs. Better health in general and a lack of depressive tendencies keep both doctors and medicines away with their side effects.

Regardless of which method of meditation one uses, meditation is good to practice. People of all ages can benefit from its beneficial effects.